"Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. That is how galaxies are made."
- Tyler Kent White (via marionandjack)

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"No, I’m not ok. But I haven’t been ok since I was 11, maybe 12. I am still here though.
I’m still breathing. For me, sometimes, that will have to be enough"
- Clementine Von Radics (via keijuveri)

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"In case you ever foolishly forget; I am never not thinking of you."
- Virginia Woolf (via kiddings)

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"I understand. That’s the trouble. I understand. I’ll understand all the time. All day and all night. Especially all night. I’ll understand. You don’t have to worry about that."
- Ernest Hemingway, Winner Take Nothing (via larmoyante)

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